On the May 27th 2016, Basic Education Program of USAID in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) organized the one day conference with the theme “Supporting the development of local education system”.

The conference aimed at gathering the main Program stakeholders and give an overview of the multidimensional approaches to USAID’s Basic Education Program.


In this conference the Program launched the Manual for selection of the schools directors and vice-directors, followed by presentations teacher professional development and school-based professional development. The day continued with seven working groups that showcased best teaching practices from subjects that were part of the Program’s courses, including Science, Mathematics, Reading and A-EGRA, Educational Technology , Designing test questions by  Bloom taxonomy, The organization of work in classroom, and The organization of students’ clubs in school.

At the end of the conference, the Program certified 126 candidates (54 female, 72 male) that included school directors, vice-directors, and teachers from 20 municipalities of Kosovo. These candidates have successfully finished the School Management and Leadership Program.

“BEP courses have helped me to develop professionally, as a teacher and as a Master Learning Facilitator. Positive effects have been noticed in practice as well, in my work with students, because all the courses offered different techniques of teaching. Among others, the corporation between teachers in and out of the school has been increased. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of this project for many years and I have benefited a lot.

School Management course was a great resource of knowledge for education system in general. Being a teacher, and inexperienced in management, I consider that this course offered me a new approach in professional aspect” said Rajmonda Kurshumlija, certified candidate of this course.


The Program delivered School Management and Leadership courses for school directors in 24 municipalities. This seven module course aims to increase the capacities and management and leadership skills for school directors. During the course, the directors compiled a portfolio which documents course assignment and the implementation of the national school management standards in their day-to-day work.

“Knowing the importance of professional development of teachers and the changes that must be made in educational institutions in general, I was lucky to be part of most courses of Basic Education Program. Besides the knowledge gained, the practice of techniques in class provided a stimulus to the students’ imagination. Lastly, the School Management course was a very helpful course. It offered us the information which in the near future will help us to make changes and be motivation to teachers, staff and to our dearest, students.

BEP was also a bridge between teachers in state level, where we exchange the information and best practices” Said Blerim Dalipi, “Green School”, Pristina.

USAID’s Basic Education Program, has supported municipalities to develop better quality education in their schools by creating Professional Development Centers (PDCs) in 24 partner municipalities. These centers serve for organization of all professional development activities for teachers, school directors and school bodies.


USAID’s Basic Education Program in Kosovo is designed to benefit all public primary and lower secondary schools in Kosovo (serving grades 1-9). The motto of the program is Developing Students’ 21st Century Skills with Schools and Communities.

Through this Program, USAID in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology works to enhance capacities of the school management in newly decentralized environment; strengthen the assessment of learning outcomes; and improve in-services through teacher professional development.