About BEP Components

The Basic Education Program (BEP) will have three key, distinct yet interlocking components:

1. Enhance School Management Capacities in the Decentralized Environment
BEP will improve the management skills of school directors, school boards, and Municipal Education Departments (MEDs) in the areas of planning, school management and quality assurance. Didactic and Training Centers (DTCs) will be established at municipality level to facilitate the professional development of managers and teachers. Master Trainers will train school directors in line with the GoK’s established certification program.

2. Strengthen the Assessment of Learning Outcomes
BEP will improve capacities to develop and implement new school-based (internal) and potentially national (external) assessments tied to the new curricula at the local, municipal, and central levels. This will support the establishment of an effective and reliable assessment system of student learning outcomes thus increasing the quality of education at the primary level.

3. Improve In-service Teacher Training
BEP will assist the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) in providing in-service teacher training reform including certification requirements; supporting the MEST new Teachers’
Licensing Council and establishing a program for teachers that provides continuous professional development.

Professional development is central to all components:

  • Component 1 will provide a system and appropriately equipped venues for BEP professional development activities.
  • Component 2 will include training and support to ensure that reforms in assessment are implemented at both municipal and school levels.
  • Component 3 managed by the local NGO, Kosovo Education Center (KEC), will take a broad view of teacher professional development including school-based peer support and e-learning.

KEC will also provide local knowledge and technical support to the other two components.