Teachers embrace new technology


Arlinda Zeqiri, an English teacher from “Dardania” primary school in Pristina enjoys teaching but is frustrated by the lack of technology available to her and her students. All over the world, the use of modern technology affects the way people learn and work and is changing educational systems. The transition to the Information Society is one of the strategic objectives of the Kosovo Government and one of the EU pre-entry conditions, USAID’s Basic Education Program identified this transition as one of the key areas where Kosovo education system needs support.

On March 15 and 16, 2011, a workshop on “The Practical Application of IT Technology” was organized by the Program in Pristina. Participants included selected English language teachers from around Kosovo, who will act as facilitators in future workshops, as well as one school director. This was the first step towards developing a longer 3 day workshop for teachers that will receive formal accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, and will be extended to teachers throughout Kosovo. The workshop will provide English language teachers with the knowledge and skills to enhance their own professional development and instructional practice through the strategic use of video technology as well as web-based tools and resources. Across both sessions participants were exposed to educational approaches that emphasized 21st Century skills development.

“I was introduced to different internet links that can be used as source of information and learning for teachers, as well as links that can be useful in classrooms for students engaging team work and self-assessment such as “voice thread”. I have to say flip-cameras are amazing. You can do so much: short documentaries where students can practice team work, language fluency, assess themselves, improve writing skills… Plus, it’s fun! I can hardly wait to start implementing what I’ve learned. It was of tremendous value.”

Participants will be able to continue to exchange information and resources through an online community sponsored by the Basic Education Program.