Teachers collaborate to improve their teaching


One of USAID’s Basic Education Program aims is to support the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as well as Municipal Education Departments and schools by assisting them to build a sustainable teacher professional development system. In order to do this the Program is working to develop a culture of change in which teachers support each other to improve teaching.

“School should be a place where the relationship between teachers should be based on mutual respect and on a willingness to act in the best interest of the learners. Our Program’s aim is to support this change happening.” – says Hana Zylfiu Haziri, Program’s counterpart Consultant.

On April 22 to 24th, the first three-day workshop on “School Based Learning Facilitators Standards Certification Course” was organized. Teachers from lead schools across Kosovo attended the workshop which gave them the opportunity to develop skills in order to support their peers to implement new teaching methodology complemented by an integration of educational technology. Facilitators of this workshop were four educators previously trained by the program as Master Learning Facilitators.

“Teachers learned how to collaborate and work with colleagues, how to take the role of the mentor and how to initiate change, how to advocate on certain issues, while remaining professional at all times.” – explains Hana.

Following the workshop, Hana went to visit the primary school “Abdullah Shabani” in Mitrovica and observed a presentation by one of the newly trained School Based Learning Facilitators: “I was very pleased to see the teacher use projector while presenting. I was informed during the workshop that although this school owns a projector, it has never been used during presentations or during the class. Further, the teacher indicated that she and a colleague planned to train all teachers in the school on the use of the projector”.