Application of IT in English Language Teaching and Learning

From 13 to 15 May, the draft course was implemented in a workshop for 25 teachers and teacher trainers. The workshop discussed applications of IT technology in teaching and learning English.

Expert Stephen Luke facilitated the workshop with four other Master Learning Facilitators: Jehona Xhaferi, Edita Fejza, Petrit Tahiri and Fitore Hoxha. Different applications of IT technology in teaching and learning English were demonstrated; teaching methodologies and individual experiences were shared.

An online video on how not to give feedback effectively demonstrated how feedback should be used.  A World Café type activity on good ELTL practices and online tools such as,, and especially the storyboard project (using flip cameras and MovieMaker to create a digital story) encouraged constructive feedback and generated many ideas on further improvements.


Further on, the use of Webquest required participants to explore numerous sites and conduct research with a lesson topic in mind; very broad, cross-subject, exciting activity.  A presentation by Alush Kryeziu on key skills and how they can be obtained demonstrated ways to simple perception and practical use of such methods. Stephen Luke held a presentation on web-based teaching & learning resources (CamStudio, BepConnect, ESL Webtools, the NY Times Learning Network,,,,, social bookmarking tools such as delicious, diigo, voicethread and web conferencing tools) and urged participants to use these tools to connect with colleagues in order to share experiences and learn new things.