Professional development training program for the implementation of the Standards.

To support the implementation of the Standards, the Basic Education Program developed an outline of a three level (tiered) Ten (10) module professional development training program for school directors, components of which are relevant to municipal education officers (and others). This training program outline is Basic Education’s response to the last two purposes of the Standards. Capacity building of school directors is a priority need for the education system in Kosovo. It too was presented this afternoon, May 13, 2011.
As with other statements of Standards, objectives were identified as the purposes for which the Standards can be used. They included to:
·         Provide a comprehensive role description of the responsibilities and expectations for school directors;
·         Provide a basis for consistent expectations of school directors across and within all municipalities;
·         Provide a professionally sound basis on which to hold school directors accountable;
·         Provide a coherent basis for the capacity development of school directors;
·         Provide a basis for licensing and recruiting school directors.