The Child Online Safety Conference

On May 31st the first Conference on Child Online Safety campaign was organized in Hotel Victory, Pristina, by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in partnership with Microsoft, the USAID’s  Basic Education Program and Swisscontact.

The Child Online Safety campaign aims to draw attention to the wider public about the importance of child online safety and raise the awareness of the role of teachers, parents and the community about Child Online Safety.

The focus on the conference was on presenting key topics to understand the Internet risks for young children coupled with practical advices to keep kids safer on the internet and present technology tools that help reduce children’s exposure to inappropriate content and potential risks.



A presentation was delivered on government level to highlight the government initiatives and actions towards creating a safer computing environment for children in our country.

During the conference a pilot Learning Game – DINO, developed for this purpose targeted to the kids up to 14 years old (including guidelines and educational manuals for learning and teaching purposes in the classroom, schools posters, and Child Online Safety Content in form of manuals about Family Safety and Parental Control) was distributed. A group of 40 pupils gathered at one of the conference rooms and had the chance to experience the DINO learning game (through the laptops provided by the BEP).

After experiencing the DINO learning game (which can be accessed online here ) and the fruitful discussions, the students were asked to draw a painting through which they sent their message on Child Online Safety. Out of the 18 paintings, three best paintings were selected and the winning painting was drawn by GREEN SCHOOL pupils Bled Retkoceri, Hysen Latifi and Merita Krasniqi. The paintings are all available HERE