Teachers and community cooperate in classroom makeover

.After the Balkan war, most schools were unable to secure funds in order to create a proper learning environment for their students. Most classrooms still consist of very old traditional damaged desks and a black board, which limits the teachers’ capacity to effectively provide high quality education for students.
Taking into consideration the fact that there is an enormous lack of funds to invest in school infrastructure in Kosovo, one very practical activity promoted by USAID’s Basic Education Program is to involve parents in creating a better learning environment for their kids in a cost effective way. This activity also includes the provision of basic materials with which teachers, parents and students can organize a “make-over” of one classroom in the school to create a “21st Century Classroom”. A video film of the process will be prepared as an example to others.
Students in Naim Frasheri primary school, Vushtrri/Vučitrn, got a wonderful surprise when they came to school on 30 May. Their old classroom had been transformed into a bright attractive learning environment during the weekend.
Bediha Dallku and Ganimete Selimi, are two of many school teachers in Kosovo that share the same classroom at the primary school
“Naim Frasheri” in Vushtrri/Vučitrn, as the school operates in two shifts. “This is one of the oldest schools in Vushtrri/Vučitrn. Please have a look at our classroom. It is a real challenge to keep the children interested and willing to come to school every day. I would do anything to make our classroom more attractive and so would the parents.”- said teacher Bediha as the USAID’s Basic Education Program team went to visit the school.
On the weekend of 28th and 29th of May, teachers from “Naim Frasheri” primary school in Vushtrri/Vučitrn with support from USAID’s Basic Education Program organized a classroom “makeover”.

Parents dismantled old damaged desks and a consultant carpenter worked with them to convert the desks into modern work tables of different shapes. The reclaimed wood from the desks was
trimmed and turned into shelves, storage cabinets and teaching aids. The program supplied worktop materials and paint, which was used by the parents to redecorate walls and paint furniture.






“I would have never thought that only during a weekend we could make such an incredible change. I can’t wait to see my son’s face when he enters the classroom” – said Gazmend Jusufi one of the volunteer parents.






Before                                               After

Before                                               After






At the same time education consultants worked with the school staff to plan new arrangements for the classroom and create learning aids. A focus of the makeover was to create an attractive library and a reading corner, within each classroom, to encourage students to practice their reading skills. The municipality also provided support and arranged for new thermally efficient windows and a new door to be fitted to the classroom. Work on this joint partnership will continue into the next week. The results will demonstrate how attractive child-friendly learning environments can be created at relatively low-cost with the active involvement of the parents and community. All the materials provided by the project cost less than $500.

“It’s the same classroom and it feels like I’m in another country!”- said teacher Ganimete wearing a big smile on her face.

The school is planning to transform other classrooms in the school in a similar way. Over the next few months, in addition to producing the video film, BEP will develop guidance materials and provide a training course for school boards to enable other schools to carry out their own classroom makeovers.



To view the slideshow of this makeover process please click here.

To apply for a classroom makeover, please download the application form Download and send it to [email protected] or by hand in our office.