US Ambassador visits final Classroom Makeover TV filming

US Ambassador visits final Classroom Makeover TV filming Following episodes in Decan, Malishevo, Gjakova, Kllokot and Ferizaj, the sixth classroom makeover TV program was filmed at “Gjergj Fishta” Primary School in Prishtina on 21, 22 and 24 October. The main educational focus in this episode was on Information Technology and Science whereas the children learned from local and international experts.

When the classroom makeover team first visited “Gjergj Fishta” Primary School, they found the classroom in a very bad state. Two classrooms were divided with a thin metal dividing door, the paint on the walls was peeling, chairs and table tops were damaged and grubby. The classroom makeover team met with the parents to discuss and plan the work. Parents donated curtains, carpet and lights for the classroom, and painted chairs and walls. A local business constructed a new wall to replace the old metal dividing doors, thus enabling teaching and learning in each class without disturbing each other.

Program experts demonstrated science, math and ICT activities with the students from second and fifth grade who share the classroom. During these activities, the students were introduced to internet safety, an electronic microscope, science probes, calculators, computer programming, and assessment activities. Students recorded the activities using a Flip camera.

On the 24th October, US Ambassador, Christopher Dell visited the school. The Ambassador spent time in the classroom and presented a box of books to the students for their new reading corner. Afterwards, the Ambassador met with the classroom makeover team, teachers, parents and representatives of local businesses and used the opportunity to thank them all for their work and efforts for this classroom makeover. On this day, the Public Television of Kosovo RTK, broadcasted the Ambassador’s visit on the main news program.