USAID’s Basic Education Program salutes its learning facilitators

In Kosovo there is a lack of training capacity for new approaches in teaching and learning.  One of the key priorities of the Kosovo Education Strategic Plan (KESP) 2011 – 2016 is the building of training capacity. Strategic objective 6 of the Teacher Development area states that: “By 2016 MEST in cooperation with the NQF certifies and licenses trainers of TPD programs”. To support this objective, the Basic Education Program has designed and implemented a certification program intended to identify, and develop the skills of, learning facilitators. Eighteen Master Learning Facilitators have completed a rigorous process involving a training course in facilitation standards, a scrutinized practicum and the development of a satisfactory professional portfolio. In turn they have run a certification program for facilitators based at the school level, who will, in turn, train and mentor their colleagues in the school.

On November 19, 2011, the Basic Education Program, with its implementing partner KEC, organized a training and certification workshop for its Master Learning Facilitators and School Facilitators. In addition to receiving certificates, the facilitators participated in a number of training sessions intended to enhance their skills and enable them to share successes and challenges with their colleagues.







Representatives from the MEST, USAID, the Ministry of Environment, BEP and KEC distributed certificates to 18 Master Facilitators and to 95 school facilitators in total: 14 facilitators in English language; 18 facilitators in Environmental-related Learning; 22 facilitators in technology; 19 facilitators in sciences; and 22 facilitators in Assessment for Learning.

The Certification event was showed on the main news at 18-30 in Radio Television 21.

To see the photo set from this event, please click here