TV program “Our School”

  The Classroom Makeover activity of USAID’s Basic Education Program aims to help teachers, parents, school directors, school boards, and the community at large to improve the classroom environment for Kosovo’s primary school students.             Our Classroom Makeover team has worked with Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), to demonstrate how [...]

“Junior Oscars” Ceremony

  The main aim of USAID’s Basic Education Program is to enable schools to develop skills in students that are relevant to the 21st Century workforce and society.  As part of this work, the Program has trained teachers to use small video cameras and distributed these to 30 schools. The training courses included sessions on: [...]

Kosovo’s Ministry of Environment supports BEP Green Clubs

During the past year, USAID’s Basic Education Program has been working to involve school students in recycling activities. In June, technology students from 17 schools worked on a challenge set by the Program to design “Bottle Crusher” devices and Recycling Bins. In November, six Program schools established “Green Clubs” whose students will work on environment [...]