Enhancing the professional culture of teachers

During 2011, USAID’s Basic Education Program (BEP) screened a series of movies, with educational themes, in a number of cities. These proved popular with the teachers who attended these events, which included a panel discussion. The Kosovo teachers’ union, Sindikata e Bashkuar e Arsimit, Shkencës dhe Kulturës (SBASHK), which works both to defend its members’ interests, but also to improve the status of the profession, recognized these events as a popular way to bring teachers together and involve them in professional discourse. SBASHK officers asked BEP if the Program could help them organize their own film evenings. On Monday 30 January, 2012, SBASHK organized its first Education Film Evening at the “Student Center” in Pristina, with support from BEP.

The movie shown was the Oscar-winning, “Mr. Holland’s Opus”, which tells the professional and personal life of a US music teacher. Themes within the film included: overcoming the professional challenges faced in school with students, school directors and school boards: and how to balance one’s private and professional life.







“It was a magnificent film- stimulating, exciting, emotional, and many times with nostalgia. The message goes to the hard working teachers who are dedicated to their work with lots of effort like we have seen in Mr. Holland in the movie”. – Said Hatmane Haradinaj – Demiri the “Xhavit Ahmeti” school director in Pristina.

“If we make a parallel distinction from the film with the actual situation of education in Kosovo, the film corresponds in many areas such as in: budget, working conditions, organization hierarchy, cooperation with parents and the community”. Jehona Oruqi, Secretary General,Teacher’s Union.

After the screening, teachers had the opportunity to discuss the movie themes with the support of the panel which was composed by two School Directors and the SBASHK Secretary General. A moderator ensured that all the participants in the debate get the equal time for discussion. Teachers could learn from one another during the debates and discussions by sharing their own experiences and views.


Further Educational Film Evenings will be organized by SBASHK in other municipalities during the year. You can learn more about this and other USAID’s Basic Education Program activities at bep-ks.org or www.facebook.com/bepkosovo .