21st Century Technology for 21st Century Students



On 25th April the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), USAID Basic Education Program and USAID Young Entrepreneurs Program organized an Educational Technology Exhibition, a one-day exhibition of teaching and learning aids available for schools. Primary school students demonstrated the use of modern technology introduced by USAID and businesses that provide educational technology displayed their products. A wide range of educational technology was shown, from “low-tech’ teaching aids such as plastic bricks and activity cards to robotics and control technology.

Students experimenting with lego robots and control boxes

Educational Technology Exhibition










USAID Mision Director holding a speech at the opening ceremony

At the exhibition opening, the USAID Director Maureen Shauket said, “This exhibition is very important, it can start a process to identify those curriculum areas where investment in educational technology will give greatest benefit to both individual student and to the country. This event can also help local companies identify opportunities for innovation, so that schools are able to procure what they need locally and Kosovo can prosper. A good quality education is the backbone and driver of Kosovo’s economic growth”.


A student explaining to USAID Mision Director the way how we can use technology at Educational Technology Exhibition

Drita Kadriu, Adviser of the minister of MEST, holding a speech at the opening ceremony of Educational Technology Exhibition


Drita Kadriu, Advisor to the Minister, (MEST) said “based on the Education Strategy we are conscious that our students, the 21st century students, should develop research skills to increase their new knowledge in a way that they can be equal with all the students around them, in the region or globally. These expectations are not an illusion but concrete and we can see that every day through the Program’s activities in the field. In the name of the Ministry, I wish all the success to the program and we expect that we will continue together to invest in technology which is so important for our educational system”.

The exhibition of education technology was an opportunity for local companies producing equipment for schools to showcase their products and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to identify opportunities in the market place. If a local market for educational technology develops, then the MEST and schools will be able to buy cost-effective equipment that will improve student learning and local companies will benefit.

“I think that this was a very much needed event for our country where the visitors can see lots of materials that they could have in their schools, in their classrooms so that teaching could be easy and more fun for students” said Arlinda Thaqi a teacher participant at the Exhibition.


Display of different kits that can be used for practical learning

Student experimenting with robot at the Educational Technology Exhibition










“This was a wonderful opportunity to see the progression in information technology. Technology plays an important role in the development of education, in this exhibition we had the opportunity to see some of the ways on how this technology could be applied. Also, we had an opportunity to see students and teachers very eager to apply this technology in the field of education” said Argjend Osmani, IT Advisor (MEST).

During exhibition, Fjolla Morina, a student of Elementary School “Gjergj Fishta”, used a flip camera and conducted interviews with participants and companies  that were part of exhibition. Below you can click and watch those interviews:

Fractions , Innovation Lab Kosovo, Intel, Green Clubs, Students Technical Support Club, Reading stand, Mathematics stand, Classroom makeover stand, Company Tekfuze, Technology stand, Video camera stand, Assesment stand, Website stand

The exhibition was open for educators and the general public allowing them to see the advantages of using practical learning aids and technology in education. The event also attracted media attention from National TV stations and newspapers visited.   To find out more about USAID’s Basic Education Program and its activities please visit us at bep-ks.org or www.facebook.com/bepkosovo .