School Management

teacher standing at white board

Our work in this component will aim to: a) develop the capacity of MED staff, directors, and school boards to manage schools effectively; and b) develop sustainable school management and professional development systems at the school and municipality levels.

To achieve this, we plan to carry out the following activities:

1.1 Increased capacity of MEDs to monitor, evaluate, and support schools

We will work with selected municipalities to establish Didactic and Training Centers (DTCs) in one school in each municipality. BEP will provide equipment for the centers. Schools will be able to use the DTCs for activities with students and parents, such as meetings of the school council, parent associations and school boards as well as for ordinary classes. Teaching and learning equipment, specialized books and materials for individual courses will be provided as they are implemented.

We will organize a training program for MED staff and develop their quality assurance role. We will develop tools for monitoring the performance of school directors and teachers and evaluating overall school development. MED staff will be key participants in the assessment training programs.

We will develop MED staff capacity to manage professional development programs by involving them in organizing all BEP’s municipal level training activities.

1.2 Increased capacity of school directors to effectively manage schools

We plan to work with MEST and fellow donors to develop standards for school management and a performance indicator matrix which can be used in a certification program for directors.

We plan to identify and train a core group of master learning facilitators to prepare standards for school management. These facilitators will also develop a manual on school management and online and digital support materials for directors. Using the same individuals as master trainers will ensure that they accurately disseminate training content. In collaboration with other donors, school directors will be trained in the standards and the skills required.

School directors will be invited to attend BEP’s teacher training programs, so they are aware of the new curriculum and the pedagogies required for its effective implementation..

We plan to identify local facilitators at the municipal level to organize professional development for school directors and disseminate information locally. Innovative and effective directors will be identified to support their colleagues. Early in the program, we will prepare a database of such professionals and help them form networks that can become an association of school directors.

1.3 Improved school management structure that is realistic and sustainable

A key issue requiring attention, including at the Inception Workshop, is to identify weaknesses in the current school management system. School directors’ training will include information on how to form a core middle management team, specific working groups and learning teams in the school to support school management and improvement. Our teacher training programs will train specialist teachers who can facilitate training in the school and support its implementation in the classroom.

We plan to pilot mid-management systems in a small number of schools by identifying and supporting lead teachers who will be given appropriate responsibilities. Activities could include participatory school planning; organizing in-school professional development and peer learning; developing curricula for elective courses; developing learning materials; organizing extra-curricular activities, and

networking with other schools, including schools from other countries.

1.4 Increased capacity of school boards, student councils, and parent associations to develop effective schools

We plan to develop a cadre of master learning facilitators responsible for training school boards. They will develop a manual and online and digital support material to be used in training and to support implementing the school boards’ responsibilities. To keep school boards active and involved, we will help them create local and national associations. We will also develop online and digital support materials for school boards, student councils, and parent associations and work in selected schools to develop examples of good practice.